Hiromi Suda (2008)

1.Chega de saudade

2. My Romance

  1. 3.You don't know what love is

  2. 4.JuJu/Footprints

  3. 5.Musica das nuvens e do chao


Hiromi Suda(Vocal)

Takeshi Ohbayashi(Piano)

Goro Inaoka(Guitar)

Yoshiki Yamada(Bass)

Keita Ogawa(Drums and Percussion)

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Copyright © 2008 Hiromi Suda All rights reserved.

2nd Album


Release date: 8/29 2012 in Japan

                         October in USA

“Blessed with a pure, crystalline mountain lake voice”

Original songs /Brazilian Jazz/ Samba/Bossa Nova

Produced by Hiromi Suda and Brazilian jazz guitarist Romero Lubambo, the recording is a collection of

Brazilian songs by notable Brazilian composers, such as

João Bosco, Milton Nascimento, Hermeto Pascoal, Pixinguinha, Antonio Carlos Jobim and Djavan,

and three original compositions by Hiromi Suda.  

Lubambo is featured on Sou (guitar and cavaquinho),

along with pianist Julian Shore,

flutist Anne Drummond, bassist Yasushi Nakamura and

drummer/percussionist Keita Ogawa.

Hiromi Suda :Vocal

Romero Lubambo : Guitar,Cavaquinho

Anne Drummond : Flute 

Julian Shore : Piano

Yasushi Nakamura : Bass

Keita Ogawa : Drums,Percussion

Recorded at Avatar studio NY in January 2012.

1 O Bêbado e a Equilibrista (João Bosco/Aldir Blanc)

2 Sou (Hiromi Suda) (Arranged by Michael League)

3 Encontros e Despedidas (Milton Nascimento/Fernando Brant)

4 Bebê (Hermeto Pascoal)

5 Full Moon (Hiromi Suda)

6 Carinhoso (Pixinguinha/João de Barro)

7 Bird Call (Hiromi Suda)

8 Estrela, estrela (Vitor Ramil)

9 Viva o Rio de Janeiro (Hermeto Pascoal)

10 Luiza (Antonio Carlos Jobim)

11 Flor de Lis (Djavan)





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mini Album of original compositions

“Rain Dance”

Release date: August 2013

1.Rain Dance

2.Mizu no utsuwa (Hydrangea)

3.Hikari to Kage(Light and Shadow)

Hiromi Suda :Vocal

Anne Drummond : Flute 

Julian Shore : Piano

Tatsuya Sakurai: Guitar

Yasushi Nakamura : Bass

Keita Ogawa : Drums,Percussion

3rd Album “Nagi” Hiromi Suda

7/24/2016 Inpartmaint Inc.より日本先行リリース。http://www.inpartmaint.com/site/16894/


やわらかさと強さを兼ね備えたしなやかな歌声のNY在住、ヴォーカリスト/コンポーザー Hiromi Suda(須田宏美) の



時に力強く、時に心にそっと添うようにサンバ、ボサノバ、オリジナル曲などを 独自の感性で丁寧に歌い上げた上質なサウンドに仕上がっている。

今作では、オリジナル曲とブラジリアンの名曲をアストラッド・ジルベルトをはじめとしたブラジリアンアーティストから、ジャズスターたちとの多彩な共演 をしているブラジリアンギタリスト、Romero Lubamboをむかえ、小川慶太(パーカッション/ドラム)、Anne Drummond(フルート)、Julian Shore(ピアノ)、Haggai Cohen-Milo(ベース) の NYの実力派ミュージシャンと NYブルックリンのPeter Karl Studiosでレコーディング。

オリジナル曲は日本語歌詞5曲、ヴォーカライズの曲が1曲、 ブラジリアンの名曲を7曲;“Triste”, ホメロとのデュオなどの “Corcovado”(Antonio Calros Jobim), “So Many Stars”(Sergio Mendes), “O Barquinho” (Roberto Menescal) など、 聴きごたえのある全13曲を収録。

Hiromi Suda 須田宏美

バークリー音楽院を卒業後、NYに拠点を置き、Blue note NYをはじめとするジャズクラブやワシントンDCのLincoln Centerで行われたイベリア音楽祭にアジア人唯一のヴォーカリストとして自身のバンドで演奏している。


収録曲、Mizu no Utsuwa(水の器)は、18th USA ソングライティングコンペティション2013で奨励賞を受賞、


3rd アルバム “Nagi” Hiromi Suda

1 Triste(Antonio Carlos Jobim)

2 Nagi(凪)((オリジナル))

3 Rain Dance((オリジナル))

4 So Many Stars(Sérgio Mendes)

5 Hajimari(はじまり)((オリジナル)) 


6 A Rã(João Donato)

7 O Barquinho (Roberto Menescal)

8 Kakera(かけら)((オリジナル))

9 Mizu no Utsuwa(水の器)((オリジナル)) 

18th USA ソングライティングコンペティション2013で奨励賞を受賞(“水の器”)


10 Corcovado(Antonio Carlos Jobim)

11 Desde Que O Samba É Samba(Caetano Veloso)

12 Hikari to Kage(光と影)((オリジナル))

13 Falsa Baiana(Geraldo Pereira)


Romero Lubambo(Guitar),

小川慶太 Keita Ogawa (Drums/Percussions)

Haggai Cohen-Milo(Bass)

Anne Drummond(Flute)

Julian Shore(Piano/Fender Rhodes)

須田宏美 Hiromi Suda(Vocal)

Produced by Hiromi Suda and Anne Drummond

Recording Engineer: Michael Perez-Cisneros

Mixing and Mastering Engineer:Michael Perez-Cisneros

Recorded at Peter Karl Studios in Brooklyn, New York.

Mixed and Mastered at Big Orange Sheep in Brooklyn, New York.

3rd Album “Nagi” Hiromi Suda

Romero Lubambo(Guitar),

Keita Ogawa 小川慶太(Drums/Percussions)

Haggai Cohen-Milo(Bass)

Anne Drummond(Flute)

Julian Shore(Piano/Fender Rhodes)

Hiromi Suda 須田宏美(Vocal)

7/24/2016 Inpartmaint Inc. in Japan

3/7/2017 released in USA(worldwide)

Nagi is the latest and most fully realized iteration of Hiromi Suda’s singular hybrid conception, by which she mingles and juxtaposes the musical cultures of Japan and Brazil.

A native of Yamanishi, Japan, Ms. Suda calls upon her native tongue in singing the poetic lyrics of six of recently composed originals, at once simple and sophisticated, to scores that blend Japanese folk, contemporary pop and modern jazz vocabulary. She transitions to Portuguese on seven songs by the iconic Brazil composers Antônio Carlos Jobim, Caetano Veloso, João Donato, Roberto Menscal, Sergio Mendes and Geraldo Pereira, illuminating the lyrics and phrasing the rhythms with nuance, soulfulness and idiomatic authority.

“For me, each song is like a different world to encounter or a different person to meet or talk with”, Ms. Suda says. “I sing Brazilian music differently than a native speaker. First I have to understand the original meaning, and then I try to find a way to interpret that only I can do, as a Japanese singer. I like the melodies of the Brazilian songs very much. My songs are more laid back but that style, with the sambe groove, is more powerful and up-tempo. Also Brazilians use a wide variety of harmonies and rhythms, like samba and Baião, in the Música Popular Brasiliero genre, and I like the way they combine together. Brazilian music is wordier and more rhythmic than Japenese; when I sing a fast Samba, I use less vibrato to emphasize the rhythms. I think that style also influenced my original music.”

1 Triste(Antonio Carlos Jobim)

2 Nagi(Hiromi Suda)

3 Rain Dance (Hiromi Suda)

4 So Many Stars(Sérgio Mendes)

5 Hajimari *(Hiromi Suda)

*Selected as the finalist of the annual 12th International Acoustic Music Awards 2015

6 A Rã(João Donato)

7 O Barquinho (Roberto Menescal)

8 Kakera (Hiromi Suda)

9 Mizu no Utsuwa *(Hiromi Suda)

*Won an honorable mention award at the

18th Annual USA Songwriting Competition 2013

*Selected as the finalist of the Annual

11th International Acoustic music awards 2014


10 Corcovado(Antonio Carlos Jobim)

11 Desde Que O Samba É Samba(Caetano Veloso)

12 Hikari to Kage(Hiromi Suda)

13 Falsa Baiana(Geraldo Pereira)

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